Christian Devil Myth| Demon Obsessed Nutter, Tries To Strangle Innocent Woman

French man arrested for trying to kill the demons
by idoubtit

Mind monsters again.

Police: Boynton Beach man tried to kill woman to save her from demons – Sun Sentinel.

Ranting that demons were coming after her, a Boynton Beach man tried to kill a woman and refused to let her out of her house for 10 hours, according to Boynton Beach police.

The 66-year-old woman woke up late Thursday to Pierre Franchi, 29, grabbing her wrist, according to a police report. He tried choking her with his hands and cords from the blinds in her bedroom. Then he grabbed a pillow and tried to smother her and hit her over the head with a hand held mirror, the report said.

“I have to protect you,” Franchi told her, according to the report. “I have to kill the demons.”

It’s not clear how the idea of demons played in here. The woman had previously hosted the man as an exchange student. He is obviously having some sort of psychiatric trouble.

I wonder if the renewed popularity of demons, exorcisms and the associated beliefs making a resurgence in pop culture is giving disturbed people a label to use for their behavior. This type of story seems to be showing up a lot. I suspect it may be a byproduct of the media coverage. They are rewarded with hits if the story relates to an “outside” force like demons rather than just mental conditions.

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