Crazy Jewish Haredi Rabbis Claim Hurricane Sandy Sent By God | The Sophistry of Theodicy

A Frustrated Reader’s Hurricane Sandy Theodicy

Satmar yeshiva Sea Gate post-Hurricane Sandy 1 watermarked

Upset with haredi rabbis claiming that God sent Hurricane Sandy because of gay marriage or abortion or the US policy toward Israeli settlements, a reader sent in the following hurricane aftermath photos with a brief note…

Satmar yeshiva Sea Gate post-Hurricane Sandy 1 watermarked

Satmar yeshiva Sea Gate post-Hurricane Sandy 2 watermarked

The Satmar yeshiva in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, after Hurricane Sandy

The disgusted reader’s message, referring to the photos posted above, reads, “That’s god’s message to stop MBP [metzitzah b’peh], and all that’s wrong with yeshivohs.”

It does make some twisted sense, especially when you realize that Hurricane Sandy’s damage was done by very strong winds that blew ocean water past the beaches and into the city proper, and which blew down power lines, trees and upturned cars as it blew out windows, ripped off roofs, and even destroyed houses.

I mean, the operative words here are “blew” and “blow,” and we all know what MBP looks like to most people – an act commonly known as a “blow job.”

As sick and bizarre as this analogy is, it makes as much sense as anything claimed by haredi rabbis like Yehuda Levin and Amnon Yitzhak.

That demonstrates the foolishness of theodicy – and the foolishness of those haredi rabbis who feel the need to practice it