Jim Hoft & the Right Wing Confederacy of Dunces

If you’re interested – as well as frequently amused – at the insane and jaw dropping rhetoric, insanities and antics of the American Right Wing, you might get a giggle as well as insight of their crackpot tactics and modus operandi from this piece we came across over at LGF, exposing the silly capers and nut bag antics of a Right Wing buffoon and mega gronk cllaed Jim Hoft:-

When Dim Bulbs Attack (or, A Confederacy of Dunces)

 Charles Johnson
Wingnuts • Sun Jan 16, 2011 at 8:45 am PST • Views: 4,753

Imagine my surprise. Instead of retracting his monumentally dumb post claiming that the White House flashed “applause” signs at the Tucson memorial, Jim “Dim” Hoft goes on the attack — and it’s just as lame and dishonest as the stupid post he refuses to correct.

Hoft’s weird fantasy: Figures. Charles Johnson’s Crackpot Hero Arrested For Threatening to Kill Tea Party Leader on National TV.

What a shock.
Yesterday Charles Johnson was praising this far left crackpot for blaming conservatives for the Tuscon shootings.
(One more time: The tea party had nothing to do with the shootings. The shooter was an insane left-wing pothead.)

Flash Forward 24 Hours—

Today that same freak was arrested and charged with with threats and intimidation and disorderly conduct.

Violent crackpot Eric Fuller was arrested for threatening to kill a tea party leader live on national TV.

Don’t worry, Charles. I won’t smear Mr. Fuller.
I promise.

UPDATE: Fuller will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
Charles is still on the loose.

To “prove” that Eric Fuller is my “hero,” Hoft takes a screenshot of my post. Apparently he believes I might delete this damning evidence of my idolization of Eric Fuller. Here it is:

Notice anything missing from that post? For example, any hint of “praise” for Fuller? Hoft is either too dim-witted to realize that his own screenshot puts the lie to his false claims, or he just doesn’t care.

In Hoft’s exceedingly vague right wing fantasy world, citing a news article and reporting it straight is exactly the same as “praise.” (And by the way, my prediction in that last sentence was proven true, as the right wing blogosphere immediately started attacking Mr. Fuller after his statement.)

And when Eric Fuller was charged with disorderly conduct for threatening a Tea Party leader (who, it should be noted, tried to blame the Tucson shootings on Giffords’ “lack of security”), I reported that too, long before Hoft got around to it.

Hoft knows he’s blatantly lying; he was just throwing out some more red meat to his equally dumb readers, and they respond in his comments with a predictable torrent of abuse and insults toward me, which has seriously hurt my feelings. (Now I must weep bitter tears.)

This is Jim Hoft’s modus operandi (look it up, Jim). When I pointed out last January that he used an anti-gay, antisemitic Bulgarian conspiracy site as a news source, Hoft responded by accusing me of “supporting child porn in schools.” That’s how Hoft rolls, and the right wing blogosphere rolls right along with him.

I notice that Hoft is no longer writing for the right wing Catholic site First Things. Did he finally get to be too insane even for them?