Are Christians more Violent than Muslims?

Are Christians more Violent than Muslims?


Are Christians more violent than Muslims?

What does the record say?

Murder rate: White America, like most Christian countries in the Americas, Africa and Eastern Europe, is markedly more violent than most of the Middle East (murders per 100,000 population):

  • 0.6 Bahrain
  • 0.7 Oman
  • 0.8 United Arab Emirates
  • 0.9 Qatar
  • 1.0 Saudi Arabia
  • 1.2 Egypt
  • 1.7 Cyprus
  • 1.8 Jordan
  • 2.0 Iraq
  • 2.1 Israel
  • 2.2 Kuwait
  • 2.2 Lebanon
  • 2.3 Syria
  • 3.0 Iran
  • 3.3 Turkey
  • 4.1 Palestine
  • 4.2 Yemen

Terrorist attacks: According to the FBI, only 6% of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 were carried out by Muslim extremists. Even Jewish extremists carried out more (7%).

War: Wars with at least a million dead:

Christian wars:

  • years: name: conservative body count in millions
  • 535-554: Gothic Wars: 5.0m
  • 790-1300: Reconquista: 7.0m
  • 1096-1272: Crusades: 2.0m
  • 1337-1453: Hundred Years’ War: 3.0m
  • 1562-1598: French Wars of Religion: 3.0m
  • 1568-1648: Dutch Revolt: 1.0m
  • 1618-1648: Thirty Years’ War: 3.0m
  • 1655-1660: Second Northern War: 3.0m
  • 1763-1864: Russian-Circassian War: 2.0m
  • 1792-1802: French Revolutionary Wars: 2.0m
  • 1803-1815: Napoleonic Wars: 3.5m
  • 1830-1903: War in Venezuela: 1.0m
  • 1882-1898: Conquests of Menelik II of Ethiopia: 5.0m
  • 1910-1920: Mexican Revolution: 1.0m
  • 1914-1918: First World War: 20.0m
  • 1917-1922: Russian Civil War: 5.0m
  • 1939-1945: Second World War: 41.5m (European deaths only)
  • 1946-1954: First Indochina War: 1.0m
  • 1950-1953: Korean War: 1.2m
  • 1955-1975: Vietnam War: 1.1m
  • 1998-2003: Second Congo War: 2.5m

Muslim wars:

  • 1370-1405: Conquests of Tamerlane: 7.0m
  • 1681-1707: Conquests of Aurangzeb: 5.0m
  • 1967-1970: Nigerian Civil War: 1.0m
  • 1980-1988: Iran-Iraq War: 1.0m
  • 1983-2005: Second Sudanese Civil War: 1.0m
  • 1989-2001: Afghan Civil War: 1.4m

Seven times more people have died in Christian wars: 113.8 million compared to the 16.4 million who died in Muslim wars.

There are more Christians, but only about 50% more, nothing like seven times more.

Western history is Eurocentric, so we know more about wars in Christian lands than in Muslim ones. But not for wars since 1900, and there the imbalance is even worse: 73.3 million compared to 4.4 millon – 17 times more dead in Christian wars.

Some blame technology, yet the Muslim world has all the weapons the West had to kill over 100 million people. And yet it did not.

Democide: counts those who died not through war or street crime but through the wilful in/action of government, like genocide or Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

Christian democides of a million or more (does not count communist democides):

  • 940-1917: Russia (tsarist): 2.1m
  • 1095-1272: Crusades: 1.0m
  • 1451-1870: European slave trade: 17.3m
  • 1492-1900: Latin America: 13.8m Amerindians
  • 1600-1900: Caribbean: 10.0m slaves worked to death
  • 1618-1648; Thirty Years War: 5.8m
  • 1651-1987: British Empire: 1.1m (not counting slavery)
  • 1800-1900: Brazil: 1.5m Amazon rubber companies
  • 1900-1920: Mexico: 1.4m
  • 1933-1945: Germany (Nazis): 20.9m
  • 1945-1948: Poland: 1.6m

Muslim democides of a million or more:

  • 400-1900: Iran: 2.0m
  • 1110-1918: Ottoman Empire: 3.9m
  • 1958-1987: Pakistan: 1.5m
  • 1983-2005: Sudan: 1.9m Nuer, Dinka, Christians, Nuba, etc

Christians have killed eight times more people in democides than Muslims: 76.5 million compared to 9.3 million. Almost the same rate as for war.

Violent Jewish Religionists | US Issues Travel Warning

US Issues Travel Warning About Haredi Violence

Haredim throwing stones

Concerned by violence against women and children by so-called extremist haredim in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, the United States Department of State has issued a travel advisory for US citizens traveling to Israel recommending dressing in “modest” attire and not driving through or adjacent to haredi neighborhoods on Shabbat. “Most roads into ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are blocked off on  Friday nights, Saturdays, and Jewish holidays. Assaults on secular  visitors, either for being in cars or for being ‘immodestly dressed’  have occurred in these neighborhoods,” the US Consulate in Jerusalem wrote.

Haredim throwing stones

Haredim throwing stones at police in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel

US warns tourists against ‘immodest attire’ in Jerusalem Concerns over recent haredi extremism in Israel’s capital prompt US consulate to publish Jerusalem travel recommendations for American tourists Itamar Eichner • Ynet

The US State Department is concerned over recent violence exhibited by extremists in Israel’s haredi community and has published a travel recommendation for tourists: Do not walk around dressed immodestly in haredi neighborhoods for fear that extremists would assault you in the street.

The travel recommendations which were updated by the US State Department two weeks ago with the recent phenomenon of women’s exclusion and haredi violence in mind, calls on American tourists to dress appropriately when visiting religious sites in the Old City and in haredi neighborhoods and to avoid driving through those neighborhoods during the Sabbath.

“Most roads into ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are blocked off on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Jewish holidays. Assaults on secular visitors, either for being in cars or for being ‘immodestly dressed’ have occurred in these neighborhoods,” the consulate said.

The travel recommendation follows on the heels of statements made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who, speaking at the Saban Conference two months ago, expressed her shock that some busses in Jerusalem allocated separate seating areas for women.

“It’s reminiscent of Rosa Parks,” she said, referring to the black American woman who refused to give up her seat to white passengers in the 1950s.
Referring to the decision of some IDF soldiers to leave an event where female soldiers were singing, she said it reminded her of the situation in Iran.

[Hat Tip: Seymour.]