Evil Jesus, History’s Most Unpleasant, Failed Messiah

Evil Jesus, History’s Most Unpleasant, Failed Messiah


What words come from the mouths of the religious when they speak about Jesus?

Loving? Merciful? Just? Compassionate?

The reality is, the Bible reveals Jesus’s primary qualities quite differently: jealous, self-serving, arrogant, petty, maniacal, irrational, unforgiving, bloodthirsty, vindictive—and worse!

“Jesus was a moral lunatic who intended to return with an army of angels to eternally torture the vast majority of humanity. If you’d like to think that’s the “good version” of setting billions of people on fire, think again.”

We can do better, and create a clear a path to a kinder and more thoughtful world.


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Ron Paul the Failed Messiah | Turns Miracle Oil Salesman

Ron Paul the Failed Messiah | Turns Miracle Oil Salesman

News just in!

Live miracle TV!

If you’ve just joined us, we are in the middle of a miracle that has happened right here on national TV. Ron Paul is suddenly spraying holy oil out of his eyes …

Can the prayers of gullible Ronulans resurrect their failed messiah and transform him into and even more monstrous, decomposing, walking dead zombie?!

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