Eric Holder: US Doesn’t Plan to Prosecute Glenn Greenwald

Eric  Holder: US Doesn’t Plan to Prosecute Glenn Greenwald

“On  the basis of what I know now”
by Charles Johnson
Attorney General Eric Holder said today that although the US still wants to  see NSA leaker Edward Snowden stand trial, there are no  plans to prosecute Glenn Greenwald.

Holder indicated that the Justice Department is not planning to prosecute  former Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, one of the journalists who received  documents from Snowden and has written a series of stories based on the leaked  material. Greenwald, an American citizen who lives in Brazil, has said he is  reluctant to come to the U.S. because he fears detention and possible  prosecution.

“Unless information that has not come to my attention is presented to me,  what I have indicated in my testimony before Congress is that any journalist  who’s engaged in true journalistic activities is not going to be prosecuted by  this Justice Department,” Holder said.

“I certainly don’t agree with what Greenwald has done,” Holder said. “In some  ways, he blurs the line between advocate and journalist. But on the basis of  what I know now, I’m not sure there is a basis for prosecution of  Greenwald.”

Greenwald, of course, is still pretending to be a persecuted victim of the US  government.

“That this question is even on people’s minds is a rather grim reflection of  the Obama administration’s record on press freedoms,” he said in an e-mail. “It  is a positive step that the Attorney General expressly recognizes that  journalism is not and should not be a crime in the United States, but given this  administration’s poor record on press freedoms, I’ll consult with my counsel on  whether one can or should rely on such caveat-riddled oral assertions about the  government’s intentions.”

“That this question is even on people’s minds” is actually only because Glenn  Greenwald keeps bringing it up like a crude boogeyman scare story. Neither AG  Holder nor anyone else in the Obama administration has ever proposed prosecuting  him, and he knows it.

Man, buried alive, claws his way out in front of terrified onlooker

Man, buried alive, claws his way out in front of terrified onlooker

by Sharon Hill

It’s not even Halloween, it’s real!

Brazilian mourner shocked after hand comes out of grave containing the body of a man | The Australian.

A GRIEVING mourner was left horrified after a hand suddenly surged out of a nearby grave and started moving.

The woman was visiting a family tomb in Brazil when she suddenly heard noises and noticed the soil moving around the plot.

To her horror, arms began waving about and she called emergency services to come and help the man who was buried alive at a cemetery in the suburb of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Sao Paulo.

In footage shown by Brazil’s Record TV, the man appears almost lifeless but an emergency worker discovers he is breathing.

The as yet unidentified man was taken hospital in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, but his condition remains unknown.

Police are currently investigating the case to see if the man has been victim of a crime or not. He must NOT have been in a coffin or box because he could not have clawed his way out of that. He must have been buried just with earth. This does suggest he was dumped there and quickly buried.

Sex With Animals Linked to Penile Cancer

By Maureen O’Connor

Sex with Animals Causes Penis Cancer

Sex with Animals Causes Penis Cancer

Men who put their penises in animals have a higher likelihood of penis cancer, a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports:

We think that the intense and long-term SWA [sex with animals] practice could produce micro-traumas in the human penile tissue. The genital mucus membranes of animals could have different characteristics from human genitalia, and the animals’ secretions are probably different from human fluids. Perhaps animal tissues are less soft than ours, and non-human secretions would be toxic for us.

Is there a take-away lesson from this story? The Huffington Post offers:

A member of a pro-zoophilia group told The Huffington Post by email that the results of the study should prompt people to take precautions, like using a condom, when having sex with animals.

A bold and stirring call to action. If you like this story, the Huffington Post also recommends “16 WAYS to Drive Your Goat Lover WILD,” “PHOTO: Marmaduke Nip Slip” “GALLERY: Sexy Sheep of the Meadow.” [HuffPost, image via]

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