Mormon Assclown Romney’s Ludicrous Foreign Policy Cockups!

Hilarious! Mitt Romney’s Easy Five-Step Approach to Foreign Policy

The next presidential debate will deal with foreign policy, which is probably why the latest web ad from the Obama campaign is a satirical take on Mitt Romney’s many ludicrous foreign policy mistakes.

Big Bird Ruffles Romney Feathers

New Obama Campaign Ad Features Big Bird
The yellow-feathered menace

This new advertisement from the Obama campaign is full of all kinds of win.

Right Wing Watch | Sarah Palin Neo-Confederate Racist Cheerleader

Obama Campaign Ad: Sarah Palin and the Far Right

“Back to the days before the Civil War

An official Obama campaign ad directly confronts the ugly race-baiting of Sarah Palin, who claimed yesterday that the President wants to “bring us back to the days before the Civil War.”