Religious Self Harm, Body Mutilation and Organ Sacrifices

19-Year-Old College Girl From MP Slices Her Tongue As Offering To Goddess Kali So That Her Wishes Come True
By The Logical Indian
Slices her tongue

Faith and superstition are two very different ideas. Faith allows an individual to flourish; faith in oneself, one’s family and friends, in humanity, and a supreme being offer strength. Then there is superstition. Superstition has been holding large sections of Indians back, either due to restrictions imposed upon themselves or due to those, clamped upon them by the ‘higher-ups’ of society.


A sad example of extreme superstition manifested in 19-year-old Aarti Dubey, a student at TRS College, Madhya Pradesh, who sliced her tongue with a blade as an offering to the goddess, Kali, after having apparently dreamt of the deity asking for the sacrifice in exchange for granting her wishes. The incident occurred at a Kali temple in Reeva, Madhya Pradesh.

370CA80E00000578-3732312-Although_it_is_not_unheard_of_for_devotees_to_offer_body_parts_t-a-4_1470869111986During the prayer, Aarti sliced her tongue off and offered it to the goddess, falling unconscious after having done so. Not only did none of the bystanders try to stop her, but after she lost consciousness, rather than taking her to a hospital, they covered her with a scarf and stood around praying for her.

When she finally regained her consciousness after five hours, it was hailed as a miracle. The news spread and doctors reached the temple to provide first aid to the girl. Her brother Sachin told Mail Online, “Aarti had confided me about the dream and told me that she was going to offer her tongue to the deity. But it never occurred to me that she was serious about it. I thought she was just kidding. I have heard about incidents of illiterate and superstitious people offering their body parts to appease the gods. I never thought that my own college-going sister could be so superstitious.”


The Logical Indian hopes Aarti’s injury recovers soon. To have faith in God, or to not do so, is an individual choice, one can choose whichever path is more believable. But superstition has never brought anyone any good. Rather than inflicting harm upon yourself, and in the process, on those who love you, work hard. Work hard, and fight for the life you desire. Make your own wishes come true. Self-harm has never done anyone any good. Let us take the time to introspect, and try to eliminate such superstitions from our society.

2 thoughts on “Religious Self Harm, Body Mutilation and Organ Sacrifices

  1. This is a perfect example of the Brain HIV virus of God Belief. A dangerous dopamine addicted Schizophrenia/TL epilepsy mental disorder.
    ALL religions, created in the BRAIN, are a symptom of IFOFIBA ( Imaginary Friend Or Foe Irrational Belief Acceptance)
    Keep in mind this TRUTH, all human primates create THOUGHTS, belief in GOds with the BRAIN..and the BRAIN was the result of a spit of Semen/DNA from a PENIS,,,which is in t ruth the true CREATOR-GOD. The reason of Phallic worship over 40,000 years ago.
    Religion is a form of organized schizophrenia. The religious must be treated like schizophrenics, epileptics, the bi-polar, those suffering from depression, dementia etc…
    This Brain HIV spreads in Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples..
    God Belief is a dangerous BRAIN HIV virus, a CANCER that could make our species EXTINCT if we do not address it.
    This video I made in 2007 explains it.

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