The Disintegrated Republican Party



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4 thoughts on “The Disintegrated Republican Party

  1. As Christ Psychosis ( an schizophrenia like deluded belief that a zombie named Jesus Christ resurrected, saves with blood) has been infecting the brain of children in Church for decades, it has now becomes full blown, its devastating effects can now be seen in Congress, SCOTUS, and the demented GOP candidates for POTUS.
    Sorry people, the fact is we are all Crazy evolved Primates created by a spit of CUM DNA from a Penis Christ ( anointed savior) of our dads. Coitus triggered the creation of our brain and in case you do not know, it is the organ that we create thought with. The brain creates the MIND. Why keep ignoring this neurology proven fact?
    When the BRAIN is sick, it can only create sick reasoning which are the deluded beliefs at the core of all religions schizophrenias and many other brain disorders.
    Do not be afraid to tell this inconvenient truth to all Christ Psychosis infected Americans that believe in god, the imaginary friend that gives advise and promises hope but which in truth is only a Neural Array Virus like HIV that creates those deluded irrational beliefs ( a psychotic episode) that spreads in Churches raping the brain of children. Its effects one can today see in the GOP.
    Why never question the mental health of the obviously psychotic, demented, irrational, deluded, ignorant buffoons, that as a crazy primate would, throw irrational conceptual feces at each other during the so called debate? Why never question their demented actions?
    American mentally healthy aka atheist neurologists and other scientists, wake up and smell the coffee.
    The neural array HIV virus of God Belief will make our species extinct, so why ignore its devastating effects in the world today that proves me correct?
    Please cogitate, use the brain, as long as is educated, fined tuned, healthy ( atheist) and well.

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