2 thoughts on “Islamist and Christianist; Which One is More the Oppressive Cretin?

  1. One can not separate water from Humidity so RELIGION is a PSYCHOSIS. The BRAIN is the creator of the MIND ( thought).
    The bizarre metamagical deluded false beliefs, created by the BRAIN, at the root of religion are exactly the same as those at the root of all brain disorders specially schizophrenias. What does this neurology proven fact tell us?
    The names to concepts ( created by the BRAIN) assigned to the many IFOFIBA ( Imaginary Friend Or Foe Irrational Belief Acceptance) in the 8,000 languages spoken today on this planet, produced by religion & schizophrenia, are the only thing that change, the concept, however, remains the same since the Borna Virus, part of the human genome, seems to be what creates IFOFIBA aka God Belief.
    IFOFIBA ( Imaginary Friend Or Foe Irrational Belief Acceptance) are: Jesus which is Mickey Mouse is Zeus is Donald Duck is Allah is Holy Spirit is Ahuramazda is Venus is Tooth Fairy is Winnie the Pooh is Sauroman is Zeno is Abraham etc..
    3 year old children will accept them as reality and those people affected by the many neurological disorders that impair cognition. ALL religions and schizophrenias impair cognition .Only children during their imprinting period ( first 2 years of life) have an excuse for having IFOFIBA at the root of all religions and schizophrenias.

    The science fact is that a neural array operation or the ingestion of anti psychotics ( mertazapine, zoloft, etc) will remove IFOFIBA which proves Religion is one of the Schizophrenias.
    IMHO, religionPsychosis is a dangerous neural array HIV AIDS like disease that could render our species extinct if we do not address it.
    Religion IS a form of organized schizophrenia, proven in a neurology lab. This virus-cancer of the brain spreads in Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples etc. We must realize Sick BRAIN can only produce SICK deluded disconnected thinking and this disconnected temporlolimbical interference cognitive dissonance and sensory gating deficits affecting reason is at the root of Religions and Schizophrenias, again this is proven by the science of neurology.

    Add psychosis to the Word Religion i,e ReligiousPsychosis, ChristPsychosis,IslamPsychosis, conspiracy theory Psychosis etc..and the word “SANE aka ” preceding the word Atheist ( no IFOFIBA ergo sane )

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