FBI Investigates Tom Horne | Yet Another Republican “Family Values” Hypocrite Exposed As Adulterer

FBI Says AZ Attorney General Tom Horne Clipped Car, Drove Off to Hide Affair
It is unclear what impact this will have on his ability to continue to serve as Attorney General.

FBI Says Horne Clipped Car, Drove Off to Hide Affair

Tom Horne caused more than $1,000 worth of damage when he clipped another car in a parking garage and just drove off, in order, according to FBI agents, to conceal an affair he was having with his passenger.

Phoenix police records obtained Tuesday include detailed witness accounts by FBI agents who were following Horne, Arizona’s attorney general, on March 27 as part of a campaign finance investigation. They said they watched him back his borrowed vehicle into a white Range Rover in the parking garage of a Phoenix residential complex.

FBI agents said that after the fender-bender, Horne and the woman, since identified as Carmen Chenal, who works for Horne, walked off and entered the residential area of the complex where Chenal lives.


“What were they doing surveilling me?” Horne asked. “It seems to me that’s something that people should raise.”

“We have no comment at this time,” responded FBI spokesman Manuel Johnson.


The federal investigators were tailing Horne in the course of their investigation of Horne for allegations of campaign finance violations.

Tom Horne Photo by Ross D. Franklin

You can read more about Tom Horne’s history with Carmen Chenal here.


In 2005, Carmen Chenal lost her law license after repeated violations of state bar regulations.
In 2006, just a few months after losing her license to practice law, Chenal is hired by Horne to work for him at the Arizona Department of Education.
In November 2010, Horne was elected Arizona Attorney General and hired Chenal despite the fact that she did not have a law license.


Tom Horne is one of the main players in the effort to get rid of Mexican American Studies in the Tucson school district. You can read more about that here, and by clicking on the TUSD tag at the bottom of this post.

This is not Horne’s first run-in with the law.


Horne was the president of T.C. Horne & Co., an investment firm he founded in the late 1960s. After the firm went bankrupt in 1970, Horne received a lifetime trading ban from the Securities and Exchange Commission


I hope he is unable to finish his term in office. He was elected to a four year term two years ago.


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