Newt Gingrich Plays Catholic Martyr

Gingrich Doubles Down on Victimhood Propaganda
Right wing grievance mongering on steroids
By Charles Johnson

Things aren’t looking good for Newt Gingrich, so he really has no choice but to double down on hatred, bigotry, and ridiculous victimhood inversion memes: Gingrich Touts War Against Christianity, Gay Adoption In South Carolina.

Here comes that old chestnut about a nonexistent “war on Christianity” again.

GINGRICH: The challenge we have is anti-Christian bigotry that has forced the Catholic Church to close its adoption service in Massachusetts because it actually wanted to follow the tenets of Christianity. And you look all all around this country and you see again and again, whether its a judge knocking down a cross… I am your President, if you help me win this election, we will not tolerate a speech dictatorship in this country against Christianity.

Of course, Gingrich is simply lying about the Catholic Church being “forced” to close its adoption services. No one “forced” them to do anything. These organizations were prohibited from using taxpayer funding while discriminating against same-sex couples — and in response, they chose to close down their adoption services themselves, because their anti-gay religious ideology is more important to them than the welfare of the children they’re supposedly helping.

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